You are Significant!

A few years ago I spent part of my day with my dear friend on the beach and we were discussing the deeper parts of life as we often do.

He mentioned at times he felt small and insignificant. When he felt small he felt disconnected. Like a grain of sand on the beach that no one would notice. He felt no sense of belonging.

This is an illusion that the ego creates. That we are separate and don’t belong. We feel nothing and then try to do everything to belong. Even trying to make ourselves feel or be grand and yet we still don’t feel connected or a sense of belonging when we do these things.

When we realize that we are both the grain of sand and we are one with everything, we are already grand. We belong and we are connected to everything, to life and to the entire universe.

When I do my work as a Coach and Reiki Master I connect both with that grain of sand (my life experiences and knowledge) and the entire universe (the oneness and wisdom of everything). This helps me connect in with me, with you and all the infinite wisdom. I am guided by this wisdom and can bring it down to our current state of reality.

When you tap into the whole you are never alone, you always belong and you are grander than you ever thought possible. You are the grain of sand and all the stars in the universe.

How cool is it to tap into all the stars in the universe? Pretty damn cool.

Much Love & Light,