You are not your thoughts

I recently realized I needed to admit that I had the thought I was a bad coach. It was tough to admit that I had that thought and yet there was a huge release when I admitted I had the thought.

Now that doesn’t mean I am a bad coach. I get to choose the beliefs I have about myself. Certainly there are moments when my coaching is not good. I am human after all. It’s like when you make a dish that just doesn’t come out right even though you have made it hundreds of times with positive results.

AND just because I had a thought or a feeling doesn’t mean that I am that thought or feeling.

We have anywhere from 65,000 to 90,000 thoughts in a day. Imagine if every thought you had turned into your reality. That’s both scary and funny to imagine.

Thoughts become your reality when you believe the thought to be true.

So basically, you are not your thoughts or feelings — these are only things you think and feel. And yet you can’t resist or deny the thought or feeling. When you resist, it persists which means if you resist that thought it persists. Same with feelings. Often we resist it because we are afraid we are it or afraid it might come true.

Every time the thought comes up we tend to push it down or away again and again. We need to continue using energy to push it down or away. And yet when we own, recognize and admit we had the thought we can set it free. It no longer needs to own us and the charge can dissolve.

You probably can imagine as a coach I don’t want to admit that I had the thought I am a bad coach. I was afraid that if I admitted the thought it would be true. Actually the opposite has happened. The thought no longer has a hold on me. And I don’t feel I need to constantly prove that thought right or wrong. Does that make sense?

Experiment with this yourself. What thought or feeling are you ready to admit you have knowing that you are not the thought or feeling unless you choose to believe you are?

If you are willing to share, I am willing to listen and hold space for you.

Much Love & Light,





My vision is to support the world in loving life.

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Kerri-Ann Appleton

Kerri-Ann Appleton

My vision is to support the world in loving life.

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