Why you think there is something wrong with you

Building off of my last post ‘There is nothing wrong with you’, let’s talk about ‘Why you think something is wrong with you’.

The short answer is “you made it mean that there is something wrong with you”.

You, unconsciously, took the events in the past, which didn’t feel good, AND made it mean something about you. Your mind thought, ‘The only reason this happened to me was because something must be wrong with me.”

As child you knew little about yourself and the world. You were having experience after experience and creating meaning to each one. Remember last week I said, there is what happened to you which is real AND there is the meaning you gave it which is the story.

The reason why your mind created a story that there must be something wrong with you, is it rationalized that if I was not like this then I won’t feel this pain again. The mind wants to quickly move away from the pain. Take for example touching a hot stove. Your mind starts telling a story after you touched a hot stove:

  • “I shouldn’t have done that.”

See how the dialogue you often have is about yourself? When in actuality the stove was hot, you touched it and you felt pain. That is all that happened.

Again, this might take sometime to digest. Sit with it for a while. Comment and share your thoughts with me. I love dialoguing with you.

In my next post I will share how these stories are dictating your life. Hold on for the ride.

Much Love & Light,



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