Shhh….Listen- your body knows

We so often neglect to listen to our bodies. Yet our bodies store so much information and when we learn to tune it we see the wisdom that it holds.

It is like crack opening a tree to see its history…we learn things buried deep within. Here is the beautiful thing when you truly start to tap into your body and listen, you begin to heal parts of yourself that you deemed unworthy. You begin to take your power back, you stop playing small in your life and you start reaching for the stars.

Let me give you an example: since I was about 16 years old I have had lower back issues. At that time in my life I was very athletic. I was competing in skiing and training a lot as well as dancing anywhere from 2 to 5 times a week. Most of us would assume the back issues I was experiencing were caused by the amount of activity I was doing and the pressure I was putting on my body.

But even as those activities started to subside in my life I continued to have back issues. They would be random and sometimes come out of nowhere…like when I was just opening a door.

A few years ago I ended up stuck on my bathroom floor for 5 hours until someone could come get me because my back spasmed so badly. During those 5 hours I tuned into my body and asked it what is was there to tell me. The messages that came up where around not feeling supported in my life and specifically in pursuing my dreams.

When I looked back to the first time I can recall my back spasming was when I was 16 years old and not feeling supported in pursuing my dream of dance. You see a few months prior my parents informed me that they could no longer afford or drive me to the prestigious dance school I was attending.

And I can pretty much recall every time my back spasmed in my life that I was not feeling supported.

It is an area that needed to be healed and reprogrammed. I am still on that journey of reprogramming it as I peel back layers and layers of pain and conditioning. But with each layer I become stronger and stronger and my back bouncing back faster.

Here is my recommendation if this resonated with you: Take time today to close your eyes and begin tuning into your body, just begin recognizing that it is there. Begin to notice the subtle sensations, the tensions and the pain that it might be showing you. Allow it to feel safe to speak to you. It wants a healthy and loving relationship with you but you need to take the time to trust its wisdom.

Much Love & Light