Secret to Start Responding to Life


A key part to stop reacting to people or circumstances is to recognize and allow your emotions to be present.

I’m not talking about flipping someone off when you are angry or eating a pint of ice cream when you are sad or even locking yourself in bathroom at work when you are anxious.

These are all doing actions which often provides a temporary relief.

What is going to really stop you from reacting is being with the emotion. Observing how it presents in the body, noticing what it feels like in the body, accepting that a part of you is feeling this way — bringing compassion to that part of you.

We often allow our mind to navigate the emotion which usually perpetuates it until we do something like flip someone off, eat a pint of ice cream or hide in the bathroom to soothe our nervous system.

But when life presents the same or similar situation we re-act the same way or similar.

When you become present with the emotion, you move out of you limbic brain (primitive) and move into your prefrontal cortex (conscious). From here you can respond to life rather than react.

I invite you to join us in Denver October 1st for the full day workshop on Embracing Emotional Freedom where we will dive deeper into understanding our emotions and learning to be with them.

Much Love & Light,