Rewrite Your Old Story


In the last post I discussed the power of healing through feeling and how it is connected to “The Process of Change”. This post we jump into rewriting our stories which is one of my favorite parts of the process.

Whatever story/belief/program you discovered during the investigation step it is time to rewrite it. There are some helpful hints I want to share in rewriting your story.

Hint #1 — You can’t change the facts of what happened that caused that old story but you can change what you made it mean about you, others or the world and the story you formed around what happened. For example: When my parents got divorced I blamed myself because they used to fight over my diapers and I thought their divorce was because of me. I carried the story that I am to blame for relationships ending. The facts are they got divorced and they fought over my diapers. What I made it mean about me is the story I can change.

Hint #2 — Write a new story that empowers you. If your old story is that you need to stay small in order to be accepted then maybe a new story is that you can be seen and be accepted. Or you will be accepted for speaking up and playing full out. Get creative and write several ones in different ways. Then choose one that resonates with you.

Hint #3 — Reflect on why you want this new story and what impact or difference it will make in your life. How might things change if you were living by this new story?

That is it- pretty easy, eh?

Have fun with this one and feel free to share with me what you came up with.

Much Love & Light,