Releasing Your Limiting Story — To Be Free

I am sure many of you resonated with my last post. You might have even felt like I was talking to you. Reading it might have given you a sense of ”I’m not alone, I’m not crazy”.

Nope, you are not alone or crazy and it resonates with each of us because we all feel similarly (whether we want to admit it or not) and we all do similar things to avoid feeling that way.

Now that you understand that you live in a cage of either:

  • I am not good enough
  • I am not safe
  • I don’t matter
  • I shouldn’t exist
  • I am not valuable
  • I am wrong
  • I am a failure, etc.

It is time to release yourself from these limiting stories.

But how?

You need to recognize that you have been living in a cage of your own perception. Once you identify that you have this limiting story and own it (this can be hard to admit) then it is understanding that your mind created the cage. And trust me you will have a lot of evidence to justify your limiting story.

It is all based on perception.

Take this image:

You see a rock hanging off the edge of some sort of hill. It looks high up and a rather big fall down. It might elicit fear, excitement, anxiety and nervousness within you. You might think it is dangerous and just standing on the edge would feel uncomfortable. But that is from the perspective you can see with your eyes and the story and feelings you connected to what you can see and know from that perspective. The experience feels real and in truth you are having the experience. And the story you have created might not be the truth but you feel it is.

Now look at this photo:

Now you have a different perspective which is creating a different story. It brings up different feelings. You might laugh at the difference, feel more relaxed and see that it is safe.

If you are seeing life through the lens of your limiting story then you are going to have the same thoughts, feelings and behaviors that keep you in the limiting story. This is why I call it a cage.

To release your limiting story you need to begin to see it as simply not true. Even if you have all this evidence to justify that it is true.

  • It is not true that you are not good enough
  • It is not true that you are not safe
  • It is not true that you are not valuable
  • It is not true that you don’t matter
  • It is not true that you shouldn’t exist
  • It is not true that you are not valuable
  • It is not true that you are wrong
  • It is not true that you are a failure

It feels true because like the first picture it is all you saw and felt (most likely in childhood). It is the lens you unconsciously decided to wear and don’t realize you are still livin through that lens.

In my next post I will discuss life on the other side of the limiting story.

Comment below and let me know your biggest takeaway.

Much Love & Light,



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