Make Space for Ease

You make space for ease by reconciling your past.

What the heck does that mean?

To reconcile is to restore a friendly relationship. Therefore, reconciling your past is to restore a friendly relationship with it. That doesn’t mean ignoring, sugar-coating or denying what happened, how you felt and/or what you made it mean about you.

Instead it is learning to relate to your past with compassion, acceptance and love. It is embracing your humanity.

So, if you think:

  • there is something wrong with you
  • you are not good enough
  • you don’t matter
  • you are stupid
  • you are alone
  • you are powerless
  • you are not wanted
  • or any other negation you believe about yourself

Then show compassion towards that part of you. Accept that you took on that idea of yourself. And love that younger version of you who was doing the best you could at that time when you took on this idea of yourself.

There you will find ease, peace and freedom.

Let’s live life with more ease.

Much Love & Light,