Love and Preference

Have you ever heard, “if you love me then you would…”?

  • stay with me
  • help me
  • give me what I need
  • protect me
  • kiss me
  • have sex with me
  • marry me
  • (fill in the blank)

We are so confused about what love is because we have been conditioned to believe it is something we do or feel rather than be. That if you loved them then you would do X for them. This perspective of love is conditional.

Love has no conditions.

Love isn’t about what you do or how you feel about a situation or person. Love is who you are. Which means love includes you.

Love it seeing the other, their mess and all, as love…nothing more and nothing less.

You can love your dad and prefer someone who is there for you.
You can love your ex and prefer someone who is honest, transparent and in integrity with themselves.

Love and preference can live together. Feel the freedom in that.

There is more of this goodness in the Transcend Your Reality program & community.

Remember, I love you.

Much Love & Light,