Life Is Alway Revealing Something

Wow, life is always revealing something for you.

Being in this small town in Portugal revealed a feeling of missing out within me.
The feeling of missing out is usually linked to not belonging, not being good enough/valuable to belong.

As I reverse engineered this, I discovered a hurt part of me from when I was about 12 years old. The hurt part felt left out by some neighborhood kids and all I wanted was to belong back then.

I had so easily abandoned myself at that age by inviting these kids to a concert for a group I didn’t even like. Like magic they liked me again, I belonged.

I could easily see where I had reinforced the behavior to be a people pleaser. That my sense of valuable was connected to what I had to offer another.

The work to dissolving this feeling of missing out that I was experiencing in the present moment invited me to forgive myself for abandoning myself, holding that part of me that felt hurt and left out by the other kids

AND remembering it is not true that I don’t belong, it is not true that I am not good enough or not valuable unless I have something to offer.

Since then the feeling of missing out has dissipated and I have been enjoying this small town more and more.

What a beautiful opportunity life revealed for me to set me free from a feeling of missing out.

What has life revealed for you lately?
Comment below and let me know.

Much Love & Light,