Learning to Trust Yourself

  • Create safety for your emotions. Allowing yourself to feel your emotions without judging yourself…so the emotions release AND giving yourself what you need. That might mean a hug, soothing, respect, love, etc.
  • Know and hold your boundaries — Not abandon them when others push against them.
  • Be reliable with yourself — Show up for yourself.
  • Hold yourself accountable — Do what you say you are going to do for yourself. And when you don’t, take responsibility for it, learn and grow from it.
  • Keep things in the vault — Share only with those who you trust and feel safe with.
  • Stay in integrity with yourself — Be honest…the truth sets you free, especially with yourself.
  • Don’t judge yourself. If a friend judged you, would you feel safe around them? No! So, don’t judge yourself.
  • Be generous with yourself. As you navigate through the work of trusting yourself be kind and remember your intentions are good.



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Kerri-Ann Appleton

Kerri-Ann Appleton

My vision is to support the world in loving life.