Insightful Thoughts


image by JRR Tolkien

Two Trees… Take a moment and look out the window. Come on, it is just a moment. Find two trees standing near each other. Really look at them, spend time noticing their qualities and characteristics, notice their differences, notice the color of their leaves, if they have any, or the texture of their bark. Notice their height, the number of branches they have, their shape, the way they each stretch for the sun. Notice their curves, look for any animals who might have inhabited in their branches. Notice their story through time. Trees can tell a lot about our history if you spend time studying them.

Do you feel you have soaked in everything? What observations are you having about trees and about life just from the brief moment you spent observing? Are there any big lessons jumping out to you? Sit with these questions and ponder for a few minutes. If something comes to you I encourage you to comment below.

Here are my observations around my moment with the two trees I witnessed today. I see trees as an example of acceptance and of giving and receiving. Trees have this incredible root system where they share soil, water and nutrients with other living organisms including other trees. They are all unique like every person on the planet is unique. They don’t strive to be like another tree but just be themselves. They have experienced many different things through their life and they grow and expand because of these differences. Even the trees to the left or the right of them have experienced different things and tell a different story. There is a lesson for us here…hmmm

Trees offer or give different gifts to the world. Some give flowers, leaves that change colors, shade, homes, needles, pine cones, etc. We don’t often judge one over another but we usually see them as equal yet different. Trees don’t carry judgment and don’t compete with each other. They take what they need and give without asking for payment. They give to any and all that will receive them. They do not get upset when someone doesn’t like them. There is a lesson for us here…hmmm

How they grow and expand is not better or worse than another. I look at trees and I am reminded that there are multiple ways to do things and neither is right or wrong. There are multiple ways to get somewhere and getting their faster, smarter, more efficient, etc. does not mean that is the best way for you. Your path, your way, your journey is uniquely yours. The path to get there is equally beautiful and necessary for each person’s journey. Each of us also needs each other to thrive, we need to accept one another and give and receive in order for all of us to grow and expand in our own right. There is a lesson for us here…hmmm

Just take a moment, look outside the window and really observe two trees.

Much Love & Light




Kerri-Ann Appleton, Energy Alchemist