How to grieve with more ease


Grief can be a challenging emotion to express especially when you think it’s not necessary or you aren’t willing to accept what is.

Grief is not reserved only for death. Grief exists anytime something ends: a job, a relationship, a role, an experience.

Grief is the energy of letting go. It’s letting go of conscious and/or unconscious expectations.

The expectation that you will:

  • have more time with someone.
  • go to that job tomorrow or next week.
  • be in that home or at that place.
  • wash their clothes, dry their tears and feed them.
  • have that thing.
  • cross that finish line or hit that result.
  • see that person again.

When you realize that you never lost anyone or anything… you unconsciously had an expectation they would still be there…then you will begin to bring ease into grieving.

Now that doesn’t mean you don’t miss them but you never lost them. (this includes: a job ending, a child leaving the nest, selling your home, or the passing of a loved one)

It is not holding onto what was to allow new opportunities to come through. And grief is not forgetting what was. It is just not holding onto what might have been.

So, where are you holding onto expectations? How is that serving you? And are you ready to let those expectations go in order to bring something new in?

Letting go of what of expectations, conscious or unconscious, is part of the journey to Transcend Your Reality. Enrollment opens June 26th.

Remember, its is okay to letting as you clear space for new to come in.

Much Love & Light,