How Are Your Limiting Stories Dictating Your Life

In my last post I mentioned why you think there is something wrong with you. You know the conversation about how you took on the limiting story because you didn’t know any better and you wanted to stay away from the pain you felt. None of us want to repeat a painful experience. Therefore we will do anything to move away from it.

This brings me to today’s topic…how your limiting story is dictating your life.

As I said you naturally want to move away from pain. Therefore, for it not to happen again you needed to become a certain type of person to avoid that pain. Going back to the example I used in the previous post when you touched the stove. The “persona” you took on after that experience might be:

  • to be cautious maybe even overly cautious about new things.
  • to overanalyze anything you do before doing it, making sure you won’t get hurt again.
  • afraid to try new things for fear oyu might be hurt.
  • to do anything a position of authority tells you to do, because they know better than you.

Let me give you a recent example from a client I am working with. Her limiting story is “I am not valuable”. The “persona” she has been living by is to make herself appear valuable through:

  • Appearance: clothes, makeup, hair, etc.
  • Overachieving.
  • Working for certain companies that are considered more prestigious.
  • Criticizing others in order to make herself feel better about herself.
  • Needing to live in a certain neighborhood.
  • Hiding herself.

This limiting story is dictating her life because she has to constantly use energy to keep up the “persona” that she is valuable in order to avoid the pain of being not valuable.

Do you see how these limiting stories are dictating your life? How you form thoughts, actions and behaviors to avoid the pain of the limiting story you are living by?

In essence you are running away from what you don’t want and you need to keep running from it. Doesn’t it feel like it keeps chasing you? UGH!

How would you like to be free of it?

In my next post I will talk about releasing those limiting stories to be free of them.

Let’s keep the conversation going. Comment and tell me your biggest takeaway from this message.

Much Love & Light,



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