Holding Space — What A Gift!

Holding space is a beautiful gift that you can give to yourself or another. But what does it actually mean and what are the benefits?

Holding space is being present. Being present mentally and emotionally to think and feel anything that comes up with love, compassion and acceptance AND without fixing, changing or judging anything about it.

If a friend is upset because their relationship just ended…holding space looks like being present with them as they share their thoughts and feel their feelings. You witness what they are experiencing in that moment. They feel free to share anything they might be thinking or feeling.

You notice their body language and facial expressions. You can even connect to what they are feeling by connecting to where you are feeling it in your body and notice how it feels within you.

This is also how you hold space for yourself. Notice where you are feeling sensations in your body and notice how it feels in the part of the body without judging or analyzing it. Just be present with the sensations in the body and witness what happens.

The benefits of holding space are:

  • You begin to regulate your nervous system or help others do the same.
  • You release bound energy in the body and transcend to a new energy.
  • You start to integrate these hurt parts back into the whole.
  • You often become less triggered or upset by people and circumstances.
  • You make space for healing to occur.
  • You feel lighter and more open to life.

Here is a simple practice you can start right now:
Close your eyes and notice any sensations in your body. Notice if they are tight, light, heavy, dense, open, or constricted. Do they tingle, pop, fizz, or bubble? Are they solid, liquid like, soft, smooth, rough or bumpy? Are they a certain color, shape or size? Then just observer them. You don’t need to do anything with them but witness them as if you are at a museum witnessing a piece of art.

How was that for you? Pop me an email and let me know.

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Much Love & Light,


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