Emotionally Constipated


I see the world as emotionally constipated. Not able to feel our emotions…disconnected from our bodies that we can’t actually feel them. Blocked from gaining clarity. Blocked from healing. Blocked from the life we truly want. On occasion anger, fear or sadness pours out of us but we quickly suck it back in because we feel embarrassed and bad for it. We have been told to literally ‘suck it up’ instead of let it out.

What happens in the body when you hold in a poop?

You become constipated.

And what does regular constipation lead to?

Poor health.

Emotionally Constipation has a similar outcome.

Our feelings are an essential part of our wellbeing. They effect our physical health, mental health and the entire world around us. They are the key to not only healing but too thriving in this world.

I had immobility in my right upper torso for over 2 years and had several specialists including physical therapy, massage, acupuncture, chiropractor, GPR (Global Postural Reeducation) and cranial sacral therapy done and none could release it. Once I addressed and released the stuck emotion in that area of the body.. everything was able to be re-aligned. Now I have full movement in my upper torso again.

Often times when we can’t figure something out, or remember where we left something or can’t seem to find clarity we are being blocked by an emotion. Once we notice what we are feeling and allow the sensations to move through us like a wave then we find what we are looking for.

When we are trying desperately to stop the ruminating thoughts and they just don’t seem to be going away, this is a sign that there is an emotion needing to be released. Often times when the emotion is released then the ruminating thoughts dissipate.

Here is the thing- most of us have been taught not to even consider our emotions anymore. And yet we were given emotions. It is the first way we communicated in the world. We didn’t pop out of the womb with thoughts. We felt and sensed our way into the world. We need to feel and sense our way back into our bodies and emotions again. We need to learn how to feel them in healthy ways so they no longer get stored in the body. I believe and feel this will solve so many things in our world and transform our lives. It certainly has transformed mine.

Get curious about your beliefs around emotions. The journey starts with awareness.

Much Love & Light,





Kerri-Ann Appleton, Energy Alchemist