Don’t be blinded my your anger

The world is reacting from pain. That includes you and it includes me.

It is so easy to be blinded by it. By the rage you feel within, by the fear that is keeping us where you are at, and by the deep hate you feel for the other who thinks, feels and does differently then you.

There is something under the surface that is calling you to look within and yet you continue to look outward. You look outward trying to find a solution, trying to put the blame somewhere, and trying to make yourself feel better.

But the outer world is not changing the way you want it to and you continue to be blinded by your anger, your fear and your hatred. It keeps growing!

Stop being blinded by it. Breathe and go within.

See the pain and hold it like an innocent child. Wrap your arms around it and feel. Give yourself permission to fully feel your pain. Even when it is uncomfortable- be with it.

Then when you are ready, when we feel a sense of ease even if that ease feels raw… begin to investigate within.

Be curious about what is under the surface with this pain. Embrace it with compassion and love. You will begin to learn more deeply what is truly happening.

There is something under the surface calling you inward. Are you listening to the call or reacting to the emotion?

Much Love & Light,



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