Are you ready to be done with drama?


What is drama?

Drama is being at the effect of the world, gossip, the need to be right, blaming, saving, over explaining, rationalizing and justifying, etc.

How do you participate in creating drama?

You take on one or more of these roles:

Hero/Rescuer: fears not being needed, poor you, care taker, people pleaser, seeks appreciation for helping others. Often says, ”Dont feel that way, you are great!”

Villain/Persecutor: blames, finds fault, tears down, points fingers, judges, participate in gossip. Often says, “You are wrong!”

Victim: Feels powerless, in denial, poor me, try hard, overwhelmed, worries a lot, needy, depressed. Often says, “there is nothing I can do.”

What would life look like outside of drama?

Playful, listen deeply, curious, open to learning, questions beliefs and perspectives, compassion, acceptance, creative, open and expansive.

Here is the thing — is is natural for you to dip into drama. Our brains are programed to perceive threat in order to survive. But there is no bear coming at you…your brain just thinks there is a threat. It is a perception.

Are you ready to say no to drama?

Join us in the Transcend Your Reality program where you will get the opportunity to learn where drama exists in your life, identity the role(s) you play, understand the perception you have been living in and learn how to shift out of it to free yourself from drama more and more.

Much Love & Light,